Managing Director

Alexandra Benoist

Alexandra Benoist started her career in market research in 2012 at QQFS. She has a master’s degree in physics and a wealth of experience across sales, marketing, and customer support functions. At QQFS her tenure has seen her gain experience through various roles in both Operations and Sales before taking up the position of Managing Director in 2021. She is passionate about the success of QQFS and its partners, and her commitment to, and knowledge of QQFS’s proposition have driven QQFS’s strong brand ethos to deliver the best client service through collaboration and consultancy.

Director of Operations

Olga Ostrovska

Olga is an experienced market research specialist with a demonstrable history of working across both healthcare and consumer sectors. She started her career as a project manager in 2010, and has since been involved in multiple operational roles. Olga joined QQFS when she moved to Sweden in the beginning of 2021. She is highly skilled in both project and account management, client servicing and leading a team of project managers across both quantitative and qualitative departments. Olga is passionate about providing impeccable client service as well as coaching team members to achieve success.

Project Assistant Manager

Claire Bariac Sköld

Claire started her career in market research in 2009, moving to QQFS in 2011 as a project assistant for the French and Swedish markets. Given her direct market experience she has been instrumental in training new team members and working hard on QQFS’s continued success. In her current role of project assistant manager her main responsibilities are to ensure projects are delivered on time, and that procedures are followed up by the panel team. She is extremely passionate about two key themes: panel retention and client centricity.

Translation Manager

Isabel Rodríguez Rivas

Isabel joined QQFS in her role as translation manager at QQFS in September 2019. She holds a university degree in translation and interpreting and, before joining the QQFS team, worked as a freelance translator for five years. She speaks five languages (Spanish, English, Swedish, German, and Galician) and is a passionate linguist. At QQFS, she ensures that the quality of all our translations are the highest possible so that we can guarantee high quality to our clients.

Assistant Accountant

Anna Sojkowski

Anna graduated from university with a master’s degree in international economic relations, and started her project management career working within European Social Funds in public administration, giving her a solid background for future challenges and fast-paced working environements.

She joined QQFS in 2008 and her first two years working in market research fieldwork gave her an invaluable knowledge and broad understanding of healthcare market research that is unusual amongst accountants working in market research providers.

Her passion for creating, and implementing, better processes, encouraged her to take on the challenge of creating a centralised, well-managed incentives department at QQFS, which she led until 2018 when she transitioned to her current accountancy role.

She takes pride in providing the best service as possible to all our clients, partners, and suppliers.