Gothenburg  Studios

At QQFS we understand the importance of a good working environment for both our clients and participants and therefore QQFS is proud to offer clients its own in-house viewing facility.


The Gothenburg studio consists of 2 spacious viewing facilities.


Comfortable, modern furnishings partnered with state of the art technology makes our Studios a perfect place for clients and respondents to feel comfortable, at ease and reassured that they are getting the most out of their research.


The spacious and high-tech viewing room Nobel has seating for 10 and our second viewing room Linné has seating for 6. Both rooms have a one-way mirror and comfortable back-rooms. In this area clients can sit, view and directly listen to the group discussion or interview. These back-rooms are fully equipped for simultaneous translation and there are different options for listening to audio, including high quality loudspeakers and 6 headphone jacks.


Additionally, both rooms are Focus Vision enabled and we offer our own video streaming.