At QQFS we understand the importance of a good working environment for both our clients and participants and therefore QQFS is proud to offer clients its own in-house viewing facility.


Comfortable, modern furnishings partnered with state of the art technology makes Nordic Viewpoint a viewing facility that allows clients and respondents to feel comfortable, at ease and reassured that they are getting the most out of their research.


The spacious and high-tech viewing room has seating for 10, directly in front of the 360 x 120 one-way mirror. In this area clients can sit, view and directly listen to the group discussion or interview. This room is fully equipped for simultaneous translation and there are different options for listening to audio, including high quality loudspeakers and 6 headphone jacks.


Additionally, the room is fitted with a 40’’ flat screen monitor which is situated in front of a round table with six chairs. This screen can directly stream the picture from the conference room.


Nordic Viewpoint’s viewing room has everything one would expect from a world class viewing facility.


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