What type of surveys does QQFS conduct?


Online Surveys

Online Surveys are internet based surveys which are sent through email. The online survey can be completed from any computer connected to the internet and can be completed at any time within the study’s lifecycle.


Telephone interviews

You will be telephoned by one of our experienced interviewers, who will read out the questions over the phone. Our interviewers carefully record your answers on paper or digital forms.

Face to face interviews (F2F)

F2F interviews can be held at a central or an agreed location at a time of your convenience. During the interview, the QQFS interviewer and the participant engage in a conversation of questions and answers. These interviews are commonly recorded.


Focus Group

Interviews are held in form of a discussion. Several people are brought together as a group in a central location and a QQFS moderator leads the discussion.  QQFS has an own interviewing facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. Visit www.nordic-viewpoint.com